Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Teens inspired

I was inspired by John James Audubon's painting, The Birds of America, Plate #128 "Cat Bird". I was originally inspired by another painting, however when I tried to find it again, I could not find it. This piece inspired me because I love birds, and the original idea was to do either a winter scene or a bird. This painting combined the two ideas. My painting is of two finches on a snowy branch. The medium I used for this painting is acrylic paint. This painting was a challenge for me, because I had never painted nor drawn a bird before. I was originally going to add highlights to the branches but the white almost looked like snow, so I left it how it was. Also I had thought of redoing my background considering how bright it was to the rest of the painting itself, but the Orange of the birds bellies and the blue of the background where nice compliments to each other. In the end I was happy with the outcome of the painting.
(Sketch of the painting)

(My first attempt at painting a finch.)
(The finished painting)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Destruction project

For my destruction piece I decided to destroy a chalk drawing of a bird. I destroyed this piece because I didn't want to destroy any of my other pieces. My iriginal idea was to try and smudge the chalk, but that didn't work. There's was a bottle of glue on the table so I just smudged glue into the picture. This gave it a cool affect. The glue almost cleared up the smudging I did and made it so you could see the picture again. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Artist collaborate-final

For our collaboration project, Kimberly and I decided to use minions for our project. For each day we put out colored markers and instructions. Students could add whatever they wanted to the theme of the day drawing, as long as it was only 1 thing and using only 1 color. Day 1 was a turkey.
Day 2 was a cornucopia.
Day 3, a Christmas tree.
And day 4, Santa and a reindeer.
Although students were given special instructions, not all followed. And many decided to draw something that had nothing to do with the main theme. I thought it was very interesting to come back the next day and see all the things people had done.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Artist collaborate- part 1

For our project we are going to post a piece of paper with simple instructions, allowing students to interact (like minions). Every day there will be a word saying what the drawing should be, by starting the drawing we hope that people will complete the drawing with the line we started. I am collaborating with Kimberly! My role is to put paper out each day, together we came up with the directions and themes for each picture. The final piece(s) will be made from colored pencils and paper. And will be a collaboration of studiesnt ideas coming together to make one big picture.
(Brainstorming photo)

Thursday, November 13, 2014


My interpertation of the word "smooth" was smooth jazz. I outlined the drawing with sharpie and colored it with colored pencil. I tried to use a variety of colors and re picture itself looks brighter than this one. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Artist Solve Problems

For my project I chose the limitation of using one foot. My limitation was difficult because I didn't have a lot of control over how detailed the painting and where the paint really ended up. I started out by ripping the tape to make tree's. Then I put red paint on one toe and green on another and yellow on the third. Then I dabbed paint onto the canvas. After a couple of layers I added a few swipes of bright red, green, and yellow to try and make it pop. After the paint dried I pulled up the tape. In my painting I was trying to go for fall trees, I think it came out how I had planned, however I should have made the trees taller and take up more space.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Artist Steal

I think copying is ok in art, but you should still add your own ideas to the piece. Like using a different medium or changing the color scheme. For my project I took Barbie™ and the idea of themed Christmas trees and made a Christmas tree out of Barbie™ parts. The tree is made out of arms, legs, hands, and feet. After gluing them on a cone I painted them green and glued the shoes as ornaments. My tree topper is three Barbie™ heads (two are just faces I cut and glued to the main head).